I recently watched this movie (above) called Genetic Roulette- The Gamble of Our Lives. I've known for a while the dangers of GMOs, but this was truly eye opening. It is available to watch for free until October 17th and I urge you to check it out and spread the word.

Here's a little background. True story: In the 90s, the FDA told Monsanto, the leading producer of genetically engineered seed, to conduct its own research on the effects of genetically modified foods to determine whether they were safe. (Do you see this problem in this? This is like telling Marlborough to hire its own set of scientists to determine cigarette safety. It's ridiculous.) Obviously Monsanto's "research" said GMOs were fine, and they were quietly slipped into our diet in the USA without, you know, letting us know.  

The problem is that GMOs are not at all "fine" for us, and are attributed to fertility problems, leaky gut syndrome, food allergies, celiac disease, IBS, constipation, cancer, autism- honestly, the list goes on and on. It wouldn't be such a big deal, I guess, if you could simply go to the store and be able to pick items off the shelf that were not genetically modified but guess what? The USA does not require GMO labeling! That's right, you're basically a science experiment. You are eating mystery food.

Further, our livestock is being fed GMO feed, which is weakening their immune systems, eroding their stomachs and thus producing a crap quality of meat, which we then eat.

But, friends, it gets worse for our children. Loads of baby formula is genetically modified. Pregnant women are unknowingly consuming GMO foods, which then they pass on to their children- resulting in weakened immune systems, increased food allergies, autism, etc. It's setting our children up for failure. 

It's scary- mice that were fed GM maize developed large tumors, 70% of females died prematurely, and nearly all of the mice suffered severe organ damage. Imagine what this is doing to our bodies.

Here's what you can do:

1. Buy certified organic products.

2. Look for "NON-GMO Product" seals.

3. Avoid "at risk" ingredients including soybeans, canola, cottonseed, corn and sugar from sugarbeets.

4. Buy products listed on this shopping guide.

5. Let grocery stores and companies know that you will not buy GMO food and ask for labeling. Consumers did this with the bovine growth hormone that was put into milk after it came out that it caused breast cancer- and now products without rBGH are readily available. You voice matters!