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YogaByCandace LLC is a modern yoga lifestyle media company - you can think of it as your go-to place for all things related to a modern approach to wellness. We're a small team of people who work tirelessly to create innovative and useful content to keep you inspired and motivated to be your best self. We offer:

  • YogaByCandace® Blog: This is updated Monday - Friday.

  • YBC® Yoga Forum: This is the place to chat with likeminded YBCers.

  • Mantra Box®: Our quarterly discovery box highlights small businesses in the health, fitness and wellness industries. We only sell 150 per quarter, so you have to hurry and order yours before they sell out.

  • Sweat DVD: Our 60 minute power yoga DVD will get you sweating.

  • Video Bundles: These video bundles are for people looking to jumpstart their practice and take it to the next level.

  • Online Yoga Classes: These downloadable classes are excellent for when you're traveling and don't have great internet connection.

  • YouTube Channel: Subscribe to our yoga YouTube channel for new videos every week.

  • International Yoga Retreats: We hold yoga retreats multiple times throughout the year and you're invited.

  • Custom Yoga Retreats: Want to go somewhere with your friends, family or co-workers? Let us put together a custom yoga retreat.

  • Yoga Workshops: Candace tours regularly leading workshops all over the world.


About Candace - Founder

Candace is is an entrepreneur who believes nothing is impossible. She is a full time international yoga instructor, healthy living blogger, YouTube partner, founder of Mantra Box®, and the best-selling author of Namaslay. She is passionate about wellness and living your absolute best life. You can connect with her on instagram



About Lauren, Marketing and Events Director

Marketing wasn’t always on Lauren’s radar. From a young age, she always wanted to be a nurse. After graduating from a small town high school in rural Connecticut, Lauren was accepted into the nursing program at American International College for the fall of 2005. After a brief stint in the nursing program (one semester, to be exact), Lauren realized her true passion was not in the medical field and made the tough decision to drastically change career paths. She chose Marketing as her new degree on nothing but a whim and a sense that it just ‘felt right’. 

Lauren spent her senior year interning for a semi-professional sports team in Springfield, MA where she discovered a few things (like being over-worked and under-appreciated #internprobz) but most importantly, she discovered her true love and passion for working in the sports entertainment industry. 

After moving back to CT, Lauren applied for an entry-level position at ESPN (maybe you’ve heard of it?!) where she was hired just a few short weeks after graduating from college in 2009. After working as an assistant, Lauren moved into a more relevant role as a project coordinator where she was lucky enough to work on technologies still used on ESPN’s broadcast today. To further strengthen and refine her skills to complement the global sports industry, Lauren went back to school to obtain a second bachelor's degree in Sports Marketing and Media. After a two year accelerated program, she graduated as Valedictorian of her class from Full Sail University in 2012.

At the end of 2012, Lauren made the decision to put her personal career on hold to move overseas with her fiancé, when he took a job there. After two years of traveling the world and making priceless memories, Lauren’s need to pursue her career came at just the right time. In December of 2014, YogaByCandace® was looking for an assistant (clearly, a match made in heaven). In just a few short months, Lauren earned the Marketing and Events Director title where she’s helped to grow and strengthen YBC’s audience size and revenue streams. Lauren has worked on many new and exciting projects with YBC, including the YBC Mantra Box®, a discovery box service that support small business). If you’re a loyal YBCer, you may have caught a few of Lauren’s guest posts here and there (some might even refer to her as the queen of YBC DIYs).

 Lauren lives with her fiancé, son Hudson, and small fur-child (a morkie) named Manny. You can connect with her via instagram.

 Allison Clayton, YBC's resident foodie

Allison Clayton, YBC's resident foodie

About Allison Clayton, Contributing Food Writer

Allison comes from a background that embraces both food and the visual arts; her maternal grandfather owned and managed a restaurant for 25+ years, while her paternal grandfather was a filmmaker. A passion for food and the need to visually document it is firmly ingrained within her DNA. Growing up, she wanted to be many things - a nurse, an artist, a meteorologist - but the desire to become a chef stuck the longest. She was exposed to cooking and its techniques through many members of her family, whether it was marveling at her Italian great-grandmother's risottos and chicken soups or indulging her grandmother Mamie's schaum tortes and bowls of vichyssoise. However, as her freshman year college approached, culinary school visitations and a very short stint as a sous chef made her realize that, though her passion for food was strong, her desire to be a chef suddenly was not as strong. For a 17 year old that thought that she had to make all of her life's decisions as soon as college started, she felt crushed by this realization and was unsure of what to do going forward. 

Luckily, she caught her footing quite well when she realized that she can do whatever she wants to do with her life! She has received two degrees from Bay Path University (formally Bay Path College), graduating with a BA of Liberal Studies with a concentration in Media Communications in 2006, later completing her MS of Communications & Information Management in 2014. She started her burgeoning post-collegiate career in 2006 at a start-up real estate brokerage in Northwestern Connecticut, helping to manage their web site, marketing, and photography for two years. In early 2009, she accepted a data collection and staff education role for the Department of Infection Prevention & Control at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in New York, NY; she transferred to a data analyst role within that department in 2014. When she's not at work, she is working on developing satisfying and (mostly!) healthy recipes for her food blog, Seek Satiation, which formally launched in the spring of 2015. While data analytics pays the bills for the time being, Seek Satiation has allowed her to express her passion for food while building a community of followers that share in her culinary love. Thank goodness for the Internet and social media! 

In her spare time, Allison enjoys awkwardly attempting HIIT routines at the gym, watching 1990s-era episodes of "The Simpsons", and searching for the hottest new food trends in NYC with her awesome friends and/or her fantastic boyfriend. You can connect with her via Twitter or Instagram

About Dan, YBC's Concept Coordinator and YTT Strength and Conditioning Coach

Dan comes to YBC® from an entrepreneurial background and is responsible for editing YBC's media content, coordinating sponsored content, and helping with site visits. With a Master's Degree in education, he has helped design and implement our Namaslay® 200hr teacher training curriculum. A lifelong athlete with an L-1 cert and anatomy background, he is our Strength and Conditioning Coach for our yoga teacher training. You can connect with him on instagram.


About Pooks, Contributing Writer for Love and Relationships Series

 Pooks, our Contributing Writer for Love and Relationships Series   Photo via Lindsay Hite

Pooks, our Contributing Writer for Love and Relationships Series

Photo via Lindsay Hite

Pooks is a lifelong Masshole, born, raised, educated, and employed all within 10 miles of downtown Boston. Pooks wants you to know that in spite of her long-time Massachusetts residency, she has snuck by without picking up that lovely accent that only Mark Wahlberg can make cute.  Pooks received a BS and MS in chemistry, which she applies at her biotech job by day.  While she is well-versed in covalent, hydrogen, and ionic bonds, Pooks continues to investigate the mysteries of human chemistry and what catalyzes both love and heartbreak, and will be documenting her findings in the YBC blog Love and Relationship series.  When she's not being sciency or writing, Pooks is an avid consumer of delicious food, loves spending time with her scale baby, Diddy, getting her sweat on and sporting gratuitous amounts of faux leather.  Check her out on instagram

About Janis - Accountant and Head of Receivables and Deliveries

Janis comes to YBC® with a strong entrepreneurial background and la-la-loves numbers, so when YBC® started growing, she came on board to do administrative and financial work. She also heads the shipping and distribution for YBC® Sweat DVDs, Namaslay® merch, and the Mantra Box®.



About Lauren G, Editorial Director

 Teddy and LG  Photo by  Silvia Garcia

Teddy and LG

Photo by Silvia Garcia

Lauren G, or LG, started with YBC® on a one-off project that happened to grow into a more substantial role as Editorial Director and Marketing Assistant. Lauren graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of North Texas and worked across a wide spectrum of professional fields that took her from Texas to California, and then across the world and back. She held positions in technical writing, public relations, interior design, even as a personal assistant to a Saudi Princess. However, she most recently served seven years as a member of the Foreign Service with the U.S. Department of State. There she had the amazing opportunities to live and work overseas in our nation's embassies located in Romania, Afghanistan, and Thailand before returning to D.C. to serve domestically under the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. She took a leave of absence after her son Teddy was born in 2017, and realized that time away from her son was precious and best spent working on something she loved--all things health, fitness and wellness--which ultimately brought her to us! 

At YBC® LG helps in any way possible. She manages our social media creative content, assists with marketing initiatives and as a certified personal trainer, she will join YBC® retreats as a strength and conditioning coach. 

Personally, Lauren loves all things Teddy, fitness, Dallas Cowboys, and travel-related (in that order), and never met an iced latte or slice of pizza she didn't love (WholeFoods pizza anyone?). You can follow her on IG or her on her blog www.thatgingerlatte.com.

YBC in the Press

In July of 2013, Candace produced and released our 60 minute power yoga DVD entitled Sweat. 

In November of 2013, Candace was a featured teacher at the Dubai Yoga and Music Festival in the United Arab Emirates. 

In February of 2014 and May of 2015, Candace was invited to teach a pop up class at Bhavana Yoga Studio in Athens, Greece.

In March, 2015, YBC was featured in Yoga Journal and attended the Yoga Journal LIVE weekend in New York in April, 2015.

YBC articles and posts have been featured on BuzzfeedThe Yoga BlogMyYogaOnlineDoYouYoga and MindBodyGreen, Fiterazzi, and my eBook entitled Zen Digest: Yoga, Meditation and Recipes is available for free when you sign up for the YogaByCandace newsletter.

Candace's first book, Namaslay, was published in October of 2016, and quickly became an Amazon best-seller. The book is also available at Barnes and Noble, most major bookstores everywhere, and in an independent bookstore near you.

In March, 2018, Candace and her book Namaslay were featured in The Power of Mindfulness magazine and YogaLife MiddleEast Magazine.

Candace was invited to teach at the xYoga Dubai Festival in the United Arab Emirates in March, 2018.

Candace was invited to lead a workshop at the Year of the X Festival for Innovation in Munich, Germany, in April, 2018.

Candace collaborated with Revlon in spring, 2018.

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