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YBC® has grown a lot recently, which is awesome, but we've seen a major increase in the amount of emails that come in and we're having a really hard time keeping up. So here's what we suggest:

If you're looking for advice about your own practice, teacher training, etc., ask over on the Yoga Forum. There are lots of knowledgeable people who can help.

If you have questions about Candace's favorite yoga brand, mat, or just about anything else, please do a quick search using our search bar on the right hand side of our website. Due to the heavy amount of emails we receive daily, we are unable to personally respond to these types of requests. 

If you have questions about how to start yoga, or are looking for a specific yoga video, do a quick google search that goes "yogabycandace hip opening" or "yogabycandace power yoga" etc. We have hundreds of videos available on our YouTube channel.

If you have questions about blogging or how to get started with yoga, check here.

If you'd like updates, consider opting in for the weekly YBC newsletter which features exclusive content just for subscribers.

Notes about anything else can be submitted in the form below. Your message will go to Dan, YBC's Concept Coordinator. Candace is not able to personally respond to emails at this time.

If your question has been answered on the FAQ page, we're sorry, but we are not going to be able to respond. Please allow five business days to respond to your email.

Please note: We're sorry, but we are not qualified to give medical advice, and are unable to respond to these types of emails. If you are looking for info regarding Candace's lyme journey, you can read about that here

If you are writing in to ask about the shipment date of your Mantra Box®, please go to your email and search 'squarespace order'. The date will appear on your order confirmation. 

Please note that we are currently not accepting guest contributors, and we do not participate in MLM business opportunities.

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