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Easy and health breakfast recipes.

Juices & Smoothies

How To Make Plant-Based Milks

Making plant-based milks is easy than you'd expect! Follow along to see how to make your own almond, coconut, and, yes, even banana milk!

How to make Fish Broth

One of my spring goals as part of my partnership with Kohl's #MakeYourMove campaign, is to take better care of myself, so I've been making the commitment to take the time to make bone broths.

Strawberry Pear Apple Juice

I got back from Germany a few weeks ago and jet lag was a very real thing. I'd forced myself to stay in bed as long as I could, but by 6:30am I'd become restless and need to get up. On my first morning back home, I made a juice and went outside on the deck to enjoy it with a book while wearing my favorite pepto-bismal colored pajamas (super soft and comfy). The juice was a combo I've never done before (check out my previous juice recipes) and it came out so good that I thought I'd share. 

Are Expensive Blenders Worth It? Pt 2 (And A Pecan Butter Smoothie Recipe)

Stumped on whether or not to buy a high powered blender like a Blendtec? I feel you. I mean, it's a blender, you know?! It is really worth it to spend so much money?! So when Blendtec offered to let my try out their blender I decided to see if these expensive blenders could actually save us money in the long run. First, I made some tomato sauce.

Today, I'm focusing on ice cream. Because who doesn't love ice cream? It's a "healthy" ice cream - there's no added sugar - but don't let that fool you because the bananas offer up enough sweetness that you won't be feeling like you're eating a healthier ice cream.

CranBerry Smoothie

Blogging is weird, moving is (not) fun, here's an awesome smoothie. 

Eastern Carrot Kale Juice

One of the benefit of spending time away from the US is experiencing food I don't normally see at home. In Dubai, I saw strange looking squashes. In Thailand, I saw all sorts of sea animals I'd never seen elsewhere. And the other day in Germany, I picked up eastern carrots.

Good Morning Green Juice

The first few months of the GAPS diet was difficult for me because everything needed to be cooked and my stomach wasn't in shape enough to handle raw foods of any kind. Including juices. Brutal!

Anyway, two weeks ago I had my first salad, and started...

Green Energy Juice

This is one of the juices I drank during my juice cleanse.

Liver Cleansing Beet Juice Recipe

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed that any time I use beets, I try to mask their flavor. It's not accidental - I just don't really care for the taste. Usually I can minimize the flavor, but with this juice I was successful in completely eradicating it. You would have no idea this baby's got beets in it. Yay! It's a simple recipe of just...

Beet and Ginger Detox Juice

I recently read that if you drink the same juice over and over again you can essentially poison yourself and wind up really sick! If that wasn't enough motivation to get me to branch away from my daily green drink, then nothing was going to help. I saw organic beets at the local market, so I picked some up, figuring I'd trade in the green juice for a red juice. Beets are so good for...

Vibrant Eastern Carrot and Pear Smoothie

The little health food store I frequent has some seriously gorgeous produce right now. Bright yellow lemons and vibrant fresh greens are the norm, but the other day I spotted these carrots that were mostly purple with a bit of orange. I mean maybe I don't get out much or something, but I'd never seen carrots like this, so I picked some up and figured I'd juice them.  

Juice for Joint Health

This is my current favorite morning drink. It is light, refreshing, and helps get rid of inflammation by alkalinizing the body. Loads of citrus also provides essential vitamin C, and the pineapple helps to improve digestion, and offers vitamin A, potassium and calcium. Here's what to do: 

Berry Smoothie for Improved Skin

With the exception of a couple all nighters in college, I've never really been a big coffee drinker. Teas are where it's at for me in the fall and winter, but when the warmer weather starts to make its way back in town, fresh juice in the morning is the way to go. Today I made...

Chia Almond Recovery Shake

When I re-read the title of this post I almost felt like it was letting you know about something you could take after a night of drinking, and while you definitely could, the type of recovery I'm talking about is of the post-work out variety. This is rich with antioxidants, high in protein and will give you a little boost of energy to help recover from...well, whatever you've got going on. :)

The Best Green Smoothie

I know it's a pretty bold statement to say I've got the best green smoothie recipe ever, but I truly believe it. It's basic and simple, but tastes so refreshing and delicious that we look forward to it every day.

Blueberry Antioxidant Shake

You know those foods that are so delicious it's hard to believe they're actually good for you? This is one such example.

Cherry Chocolate Shake

Cherries are known to help reduce inflammation, so I've been experimenting with them in my shakes and this one came out so good that I thought I should share. It's a thick shake, almost like a pudding, and it was just right - not bland, but not too sweet, either. Here's what you'll need:  

Pineapple Ginger Detox Smoothie

In addition to the post workout breakfast smoothie, this detox smoothie is on heavy rotation at my house. The base is pineapple, which is so beneficial to the body. Pineapple contains manganese which is good for our bones. It also contains bromelain which aids digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Three Reasons Why You Need a Juicer

About a week ago, I purchased a juicer and I've been juicing veggies and fruit every day since. I am not kidding when I say it is life changing. Here's why: