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Yoga Poses

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Back Care: Cat Cow Variation

A spin on this traditional yoga pose may be the key to helping with your posture and back issues.

How to do Prasarita Padottanasana C

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Today I've got a little something for the ol' hammies and shoulders. This pose kills two birds with one stone, which is a weird saying, but I'm going with it. Anyway, here's how it works: 

How to do Chin Stand

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The first time I ever did chin stand was when I realized that visualization really works. This was a pose I visualized I could do but really have no idea how to get into it. In the yoga classes I had been attending, we never attempted any arm balances aside from crow so I felt I was in the dark. However, I knew my body could get into the relative shape. So I just visualized it and the next thing I knew, there I was.

How to do Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2

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Aside from flying pigeon pose, eka pada koundinyasana 2 aka split leg arm balance was another pose that totally seemed way over my head. I could get into lizard pose, but from there I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how to lift that front leg. 

How to do Flying Pigeon Pose

For years, this was a pose I dreamed about being able to do. I'd try to lift that top leg and it wouldn't budge. It was sort of funny, thinking back - I mean, I would be trying with all my might to lift that top leg......and nothing! 

How to do Wild Thing Pose

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There are certain poses in the practice that just make me feel so happy and wild thing is one of them. It just feels so good in my body when I practice this pose. I love the fact that it incorporates a heart opening backbend with expansion from the fingers to the toes. It's for sure a current favorite of mine. But it hasn't always been.

Common Mistakes in Boat Pose

Hola! Headed to Morocco today, which is the first step in crossing off a big bucket list item: visit Africa. Obviously Africa is huge, and there is so much more to see, but Morocco is in Africa, so it's a baby step. 

Anyway, today I'm sharing my tips for how to avoid the common mistakes I see in navasana (boat pose). This is a great pose for strengthening the core, and used to bring me a lot of rage, if I'm being honest, haha. It also strengthens the hip flexors. If you're a beginner, just bend your knees and take the shins parallel to the floor. If you're intermediate, keep working toward extended legs and keep the chest lifted. The chest caving is usually the first thing I see when form is compromised. 

Common Mistakes in Warrior 2

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Hope your week is starting off on the right foot! Today I want to bring it back to basics with a common mistakes pose in warrior 2.

How to do Malasana Pose

Today I'm comin' atcha with a good ol' hip opening pose. This one is tough for a lot of people because it requires flexibility in the calves and openness in the hips, which is why I wanted to create two graphics to show both the full expression and the modified version.

How to do Parsvottanasana

Before we jump into it today, I just want to say thank you for the support yesterday regarding the Miami retreat (below, in case you missed it). I've really been struggling this week and your support and help mean so much. Thank you.

Today we're focusing on my current least favorite pose, haha. Ok, that's sort of an exaggeration - it's not that terrible, it's just really intense for the hamstrings! I definitely recommend a warm up before you give this a try.

How to do Sun Dial Pose

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Since we're well into the February heart opening backbend project, I thought it'd be a good time to shine the spotlight on a pose that not only feels incredible, but can be instrumental in helping open up the chest, shoulder and armpit area. For all my backbend people, this one's a goodie!

How to do 8 Angle Pose

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We're approaching the final days of the 31 Day Strength Program so I thought I'd take a moment to break down astavakrasana pose, aka eight angle pose. This one, in my opinion, looks harder than it actually is. It's not so much about strength (although there is an element of strength involved), as it is about finding the balance between the hips lifting up and the legs extending. If the hips are too low, the legs will be off, and vice versa. So just play around in it. 

How to do Tripod Headstand

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I'm not going to lie to you. I find tripod headstand far more challenging than supported headstand, but everyone's different - my mom (who is in her 50s) can pop right up into this like it ain't no big thang! I've had students in class able to get into one version of headstand and really struggle with the other, so I encourage you to practice each variation and just see where your strengths lie and where there are areas for improvement. 

How to do Grasshopper Pose

For the 31 Day Strength Project, many people chose baby grasshopper and regular grasshopper as their benchmark poses so I thought it'd be an appropriate time to bust out the how to's for the latter. 

Real talk? 

This pose is tough.

Common Mistakes in Three Legged Dog


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This morning I wanted to bring it back to basics with a super popular pose we see often in vinyasa flows - three legged downward facing dog, a variation of downward dog. I know many beginners have chosen this pose as the benchmark for the 31 Day Strength Project, but even if you're not a beginner, this is a good reminder. 

How to do Forearm Stand Hollow Back

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Today we're talking about hollow backs. They're a recent favorite of mine because they feel so amazing.

Common Mistakes in Crow Pose

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For me, learning how to do crow pose was a pivotal moment in my personal yoga practice. All of the sudden, I felt like my practice had new dimensions and could go to new (literal) heights. It became less linear and the pose opened a door to something totally new. So when I teach the pose in class, I'm not surprised at the excitement I see in students. 

How to do  Supta Baddha Konasana

This pose right here is for my people with tight legs - you know, the ones who sit for long periods of time throughout the day, or who are on their feet all day, or the athletes, or the sedentary people - ok, let's revise. This is a pose that is beneficial for everyone

Even you.

You're welcome.

How to do Rabbit Pose

Anyone have back issues? 

This is for you.

This is one of my absolute favorite poses because it feels so good on the whole spine, but in particular for the upper back.

How to Do Supine Spinal Twist

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Ah, the supine spinal twist. This bad boy is always a class favorite. It's excellent for digestion, as it compresses the releases the internal organs, providing a gentle internal massage, and it's a great feel-good, total body stretch that opens up the back, shoulders, chest, and hips.