Yoga Tip: Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana (what?)

Eka pada adho mukha svanasana is Sanskrit for one foot downward dog (or, as I like to say, 3 legged dog). This is a great way to transition from downward facing dog into a warrior version. Adding this as a transition in your sun salutations can make your vinyasa more athletically demanding, if you're looking for that. Let's take a look at it.

How to do it: 

1. Take your downward dog. Check your alignment- picturing your body as an upside down letter V. Push into the fingertips, invite the heels to come to the mat. Lift the sits bones to the sky. Breathe deely. 

2. Inhale and lift the back leg. Only go as high as you can without tilting the pelvis to the side. Engage the arms, finding an external rotation. Engage both legs, finding an internal rotation. Push out of the ball of the lifted leg. Engage the core. Breathe. Slowly lower the leg down, and go on to the other side. 

Benefits: Lengthens the spine and hamstrings. Strengthens the core and shoulders. 

Tip: Keep your weight evenly dispersed between your hands and standing foot.