Workout Wednesday: Barbell AMRAP Workout Video

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This video is brought to you by ProSourceFit. They have generously supplied the flooring, barbell, plates, and clips. They have also offered a 20% coupon code (YBC20) if you'd like to build up your home gym! 

Today's Workout Wednesday video features Dan, our strength and conditioning coach for our Namaslay® Yoga Teacher Training Program. He designed this workout and filmed it for YBC®. This is a 5 Minute AMRAP of 3 Power Cleans - 3 Front Squats - 3 Push Press . AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds/Reps as Possible. What that means is that you're going to go as fast as you can without compromising form during the allotted five minutes. In this workout we will be performing a barbell complex (suggested weights are 95 pounds for men/55 pounds for women). The goal is to perform all 9 reps (3 power cleans, 3 front squats and 3 push presses) without dropping the barbell. Then, take a few breaths and try to complete another round. You will continue this for 5 minutes. If you need to drop the barbell, or break up a round, that's fine. Just pick up where you left off and finish the round. Give it a try and let us know how it goes for you down in the comment section below!