YogaByCandace® Yoga Classes

Power Flow- Power flow builds strength, endurance, balance and coordination while maintaining strong connection to the breath. Candace's energizing power flow class offers an integration of pranayama, standing, balancing, seated, and supine postures. 

Gentle Yoga- A yoga class focused on slowing down the mind and body. A series of restful postures in a slow sequence designed for students to go inward, surrender, and quiet the mind and body.

Yoga Nidra- A guided class of complete relaxation. Usually 30 minutes - 60 minutes long, the students are guided through a 'yogic-sleep' where they are completely relaxed but totally aware. Benefits of yoga nidra include improved concentration, improved mental clarity and release of muscle tension, stress and anxiety. 

Corporate Yoga- Corporate yoga is being embraced by progressive businesses all over North America. Companies can offer yoga classes during lunch breaks, or as a workshop and it's a great way to promote health and boost morale. Classes can be tailored to your company and can include chair yoga, and strategies for stress management through meditation and pranayama. Benefits of corporate yoga include improved memory, increased productivity, overall job satisfaction, improved health, reduced health care premiums and reduced employee absenteeism. Please get in touch for a quote.

Self-Produced DVD-  I have self-produced a 60 minute power vinyasa flow dvd called Sweat. It is sweat-inducing, muscle toning and strengthening, and mind-calming. 


Specialized Classes / Workshops- A great way to bring people together is through a specialized class or workshop. Classes can be 1-3 hours long, as a one-time experience or over the course of several weeks. All you need is a group of people, and a large room or communal space. Available classes include: 

  • Yoga for the Bridal Party - calm the nerves on the big day (or day before) with yoga for the bridal party. Class is tailored to the group.
  • Fundamentals of Yoga- a class focused on the basics of yoga including pranayama, meditation and alignment in the most popular poses.
  • Vinyasa Flow & Yoga Nidra- a powerful one and a half hour flow class set to music followed by a 30 minute yoga nidra deep relaxation.
  • Chair Yoga- a class built around a chair to make yoga accessible to all. Great for people who work in an office all day, or for seniors.
  • Blindfolded yoga - an excellent way to go a bit deeper into your practice and develop strength and focus.
  • Glow in the dark yoga - a playful way to expand your practice. 

*Unless otherwise noted, all classes can be either 60 or 90 minutes.

Custom Yoga Weekends and Yoga Retreats- If you have a group of people who are interested in participating in a yoga retreat together, fill out the form and build your dream retreat with Candace.