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Students at our Ibiza Yoga Retreat

Students at our Ibiza Yoga Retreat

YogaByCandace Retreats

The Sifnos, Greece yoga retreat with Candace was an amazing experience. The yoga program was fantastic, the people were fantastic and the place was fantastic. Worth traveling to the other side of the world for!
Sarah B., Australia

It was a wonderful week, and wie are looking forward already now to our next (third!) yoga retreat with Candace. Andrea and Dirk from Germany

In a word, the the YBC retreat was idyllic. Sifnos is a quiet, charming island and the retreat was held in a venue nestled amongst olive trees overlooking the Aegean Sea (for real).  The days started and ended with Candace's classes. These are not your average run of the mill yoga classes. In addition to being an incredible yogi, being a teacher is a part of who she is; she's attentive and clear and creative in her teaching. Her sequencing is my favorite of any yoga class I've taken, so playful and fun, but appropriately challenging. And she'll get you upside down doing arm balances! If you have the opportunity, attend one of Candace's retreats. I came home feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired. - Caitlin S., Connecticut

This was truly the most relaxing holiday I have ever been on. I got to see beautiful places, take deep breaths, meet wonderful people (both the locals and the other yogis), explore a beautiful island, drink great coffee, enjoy some wine and amazing food and, of course, the yoga which was challenging but well paced. Extremely well organised - every need was taken care of, nothing was too much trouble. I only hope I can get to more retreats in future. Thank you Candace and Sophie for an amazing holiday - I truly loved every minute and it was totally worth the trip from Australia. Xxxx Sarah L., Australia

I would highly recommend attending a YBC retreat—I cannot say enough wonderful things about Candace and the workshops she puts together. First, her classes are incredible. She is such a thoughtful and talented instructor, her vinyasa sequences are creative and challenging, allowing you to work on taking your practice to the next level. Her guided meditations are amazing—I guarantee you will leave the retreat feeling centered, refreshed, and rejuvenated. I encourage anyone who is a fan of Candace and her blog and videos to attend one of her fabulous retreats, you will not regret it. Taking the classes from Candace in person is a completely different experience than online—her beautiful personality truly shines through in her instruction, leaving everyone with a feeling of complete peace and serenity. Attending one of Candace’s retreats was one of the best decisions I ever made, I am looking forward to attending more in the future! -Carley S., Colorado, USA

Candace's Santa Barbara retreat was a fantastic experience in one of the most beautiful and relaxing settings in the world. Everything was planned from start to finish including the yoga, food, and free time. Highly recommended! -Carrie F., California, USA

J'ai découvert le yoga au cours d'une semaine dédiée à Ibiza, avec Candace. C'était mes premiers cours, et j'avais peur de ne pas apprécier cette discipline trop lente. En fait j'ai compris beaucoup de choses sur mon corps et mon esprit au cours de cette semaine, et je ne suis jamais rentrée de vacances aussi revitalisée, c'est le mot. J'ai hâte de renouveler l'expérience.

Translated to English: I discovered yoga during a week dedicated to Ibiza with Candace. It was my first course, and I was afraid I would not appreciate this discipline too slow. In fact I found out a lot about my body and mind during this week, and I returned from vacation so revitalized. I cannot wait to repeat the experience. -Marine D., Paris, France

YogaByCandace Blindfold Yoga Workshop

I was definitely skeptical about the blindfold yoga. I even told Candace that my practice might consist of down dog the entire time. But, once I put on my blindfold, I was able to quiet my mind (for once) and truly focus on my breath and core stability to find balance. I felt that was the first time I actually trusted myself enough to push myself because I had to focus on all the muscles I don't usually notice when my eyes are open. I realized I stopped comparing myself to others, as well as the expectations I have for myself. Thank you, Candace, for taking away my eyesight in order for me to let go of preconceptions and experience the beauty of trusting myself. -Taryn D., California, USA

YogaByCandace Groove Power Yoga Class

Ich hatte das große Glück, für einige Monate regelmäßig an Yoga Kursen von Canadace teilzunehmen und es war eine fantastische Erfahrung. Candace ist eine wunderbare und inspirierende Yoga-Lehrerin, die ihre Kurse sehr gut vorbereitet und auf jedes Detail achtet. Ich mache seit Jahren Yoga und habe mit Candace endlich eine Lehrerin gefunden, für die Yoga mehr ist als Sonnengruß und Stretching. Candace bezieht verschiedene Einflüsse in ihre Lehrmethode ein und genau das macht ihre Stunden so sehr abwechslungsreich, keine gleicht der anderen! Das tolle ist, dass Candace die Posen jeweils in verschiedenen Variationen anbietet, sodass Anfänger sich nicht überfordert fühlen und Fortgeschrittene trotzdem etwas lernen. Dabei nimmt sie sich stets die Zeit, Posen zu korrigieren und Tipps zu geben, was ich für die Verbesserung meiner Technik immer hilfreich fand. Canadace ist sehr einfühlsam und ihr Angebot an Variationen der verschiedenen Posen ermöglichte mir, in ihren Stunden genau das zu finden, was ich an diesem Tag brauchte. Ich fand sowohl einen Ausgleich zum Alltag, ein schweißtreibendes Workout (Achtung: Muskelkater!) oder tiefe Entspannung, wenn ich sie suchte, oder einfach eine Stunde, in der ich mir selbst etwas Gutes tat. Und genau das macht YogaByCandace für mich so einzigartig. Last but not least, der Geheimtipp: Candace’s Playlists stecken voller Überraschungen! Die haben mir oft geholfen, meine To-Do-Listen und mich auf meine Übungen zu konzentrieren.

Translated to English: I was really lucky to be able to attend Candace’s classes regularly for a few months and it has been a fantastic experience. Candace is an amazing and inspiring yoga teacher, who prepares her classes very well and pays attention to every detail. I have been practising yoga for a few years and with Candace, I finally found a teacher who offers a teaching style of yoga that includes more than sun salutation and stretching. Candace draws insight from various styles and influences and that makes her classes super interesting and full of variety. The good thing is that Candace offers the poses in different variations so beginners will feel super comfortable and more advances students will find the challenge they are looking for. At the same time, she takes the time to explain poses and correct the students which I find super helpful to improve my technique. Candace is very empathetic and with the variations of her poses she offered I always found exactly what I need in the respective class. If I was looking for an escape from my daily routine, a challenging workout or deep relaxation, or simply an hour to take time for myself, I always found it each time I attended Candace’s classes that day. And that is what makes YogaByCandace so extraordinary. Last but not least, my insider tip: her playlists! Full of surprises and well-chosen, they helped me a lot to forget my to-do lists and focus on my practice. -Katia S., Berlin, Germany

I had the pleasure of taking classes with Candace while in Germany. Not only did I look forward to getting on my yoga mat twice a week, but I noticed such an improvement in my personal practice. Candace has a softness in her voice that gives her classes a calming, encouraging approach to yoga. Her classes are challenging and fun all at the same time. I love the type of flow tat she teaches, and the way the music she chooses compliments the poses. I can honestly say that this year will not be the same without her. -Cheryl B., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

YogaByCandace Private Yoga Sessions

Candace lässt Dich förmlich auf der Matte schweben - die private Sessions mit ihr haben mich sehr beeindruckt & berührt - ich empfehle insbesondere diese intensive Erfahrung, für alle die individuell ihre Yogafähigkeiten ausbauen möchten & sich einfach mal fallen lassen möchten - ein wunderbares workout & sweet escape in Einem!

Translated to English: Candace lets you float on your mat - the private sessions really touched & impressed me - I especially recommend this intense experience to all who want to work on their yoga practice on an individual level & who just want to let go - a unique work out & sweet escape at the same time! -Inga G., Niedersachen, Germany

YogaByCandace Power Yoga & Yoga Nidra Workshop

Just experienced the best yoga nidra workshop with Candace. Amazing teacher and particularly liked the power yoga at the beginning. Left feeling totally balanced! Hope to see you back in London soon! -Rosie V., Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Candace lead us beautifully through a flow class, explaining each move and offering alternatives to lighten or deepen your own personal practice. The workshop was such that you could be challenged to where you needed to be at that time. The Yoga Nidra left me feeling refreshed and energised. Candace teaches with a warm compassion, connecting well. Come back to England soon Candace! -Sally N., Suffolk, United Kingdom

YogaByCandace Best of Both Worlds Workshop