Bloops and Laughs

Happy day after Thanksgiving from Germany! Hope you had a wonderful day. 

Today I'm here with some videos to make you smile. The first, a rap song about yoga girls. Fair warning: it will probably get stuck in your head. I love it when you call me big Baba. What?

Usually on Fridays I do Yoga Tip posts that give you a quick routine or show you poses you can do. Today I'm feeling under the weather, so instead of filming or taking pics, I put together a blooper reel. It documents the trials and tribulations of making youtube yoga videos. My dog runs around like he owns the place, phones are going off, we've got serious lighting issues, wardrobe malfunctions, me falling over- it's a good time had by none. :) Next week we'll be back to our regularly scheduled program of yoga tips on Friday. 

PS-If you have any yoga questions, or would like to see a post about something specific, feel free to comment or send me a message on twitter or facebook. Have a mahhvelous weekend.