On Sleeping In


In opening my yoga classes I usually talk about observing the body and acknowledging how it feels. Then I encourage my students to perhaps make an intention to honor how they feel. If they're feeling run down, maybe they don't push themselves too hard and just take it easy this class. If they have a ton of energy, maybe they push to their edge. 

Off the mat, I try to do the same. If I'm feeling a little restless, I'll go for a run, or do a thorough cleaning through the house. And if I'm exhausted, I'll sleep in.

Sleeping in is a weird thing. Some people gawk at the "wasted time" and "all you could accomplish in that time". Others find it essential on ocassion. In my opinion, there's no right or wrong way to do your mornings. Sometimes my alarm goes off at 6:20am and I'm psyched to get up and get down to the beach to start my morning practice as the sun rises. Those days are wonderful. 

And on other mornings, I'm filled with complete exhaustion when my alarm goes off. On those days, I sleep in. Those days are just as wonderful.

My point is to honor how you feel and be mindful about labeling. Maybe look at those extra hours of sleep as a time for your body to recouperate rather than a wasted morning. Always listen to your body and let it do what it needs to in order to feel its best both on and off the mat.