Yoga Tip: Chair Yoga |pt 1|

Do you ever find yourself sitting at work and feeling run down or achy? Here are a couple yoga postures you can do right in your office chair for quick rejuvenation.

Cat ~ Cow

As the name implies, there are two parts to this posture. First, we'll start with the cow. (I have no idea why it's called the cow. The cat name I get, but the cow leaves me puzzled. Anyway.) 

Step 1: Start by sitting at the end of your seat. Tip your pelvis forward to straighten out the lower spine. Feet and knees hip distance apart. Ankles in line with the knees. Inhale feeling long and tall. Exhale. 

Step 2: Imagine there are strings attached to the center of your chest and the back of the head. Inhale and feel those strings pull- your head goes back as your chest comes forward for an arch in the back. 

Step 3: Exhale into cat pose (imagine a scared cat that lifts its spine up when spooked). Your head comes forward, chin to chest, and your spine rounds like the letter C.

Step 4: Inhale back into cow, exhale into cat. Do this a few times.

Chair Pose with Side Twist

This is a great pose to strengthen the spine and shoulders, stimulate the abs, diaphragm and heart, and help aching feet (when done properly). 

Step 1: Sit on the edge of your chair, feet together, knees together. Squeeze the thighs together. Inhale and send your body forward at an angle, lifting the arms. Be mindful to keep the back straight- do not sway the back. Energized arms and fingers. Exhale the shoulders away from the ears, pushing into all four corners of the feet, continuing to hold. Hold for five deep breaths, then ....

Step 2: Exhale, bringing the hands to your heart center in prayer position. Breathe here for three breaths, continuing to push into all four corners of the feet, staying mindful of the back. One final inhale and then...

Step 3: Exhale and twist from the navel, to the left, hooking your right elbow to the outside of the left knee (or intending to get it there without straining). Breathing here, feeling one long line of energy from your ankles all the way up through the left elbow. Intend to get the elbows in a straight line, perpendicular to the floor. Exhale to the center, inhale, and then exhale to the right side.