On Sports Bras for Yoga


The last yoga gear post I did was about toe socks, a clothing item that one surely does not need, per say, but one from which you will certainly benefit. This post, however, is about sports bras, which are much more of a necessity than the toe socks. :)

When it comes to yoga gear, I love most lululemon products, but I find their sports bras just don't work for me. They're too tight around the ribs and too loose in the cups or vise versa. To top it off, they start at around $42.00, so if there's a better fitting, cheaper option I'll take it. 

Turns out, there is. And I found it at the most unlikely of places - Target. 

The seamless C9 by Champion sports bra has a four-way stretch, adjustable straps and is extremely comfortable. It offers light to medium support- perfect for yoga. The best part is that they're $16.99 and come in an assortment of on-trend colors.

Try one out and let me know what you think! In the meantime, what sports bra do you love for yoga?