Movement: Handstand

Lately I've been focusing on inversions. I started with handstands a few months ago. It was a slow progression, as I was dealing with some joint issues, but I've come such a long way which is really nice to see. Most recently, I've been working on getting into handstand by starting in downward dog, then jumping up with my feet together instead of kicking one over the other as I learned in gymnastics class as a kid. It requires a lot of core strength to get into handstand this way but after a few weeks of working on it, I finally was able to get up and hold myself up for a bit. Now I need to work on being a little more graceful ;) like minute 1:49 in this video. A lot of work to be done, but it's so rewarding. What have you been working on in your practice? Comment here or share a pic on our facebook page