Yoga for Tight Hips

Some of my least favorite poses are the ones that work the hamstrings. I have really tight hamstrings, so the poses are pretty uncomfortable for me. They don't hurt- they're just uncomfortable- and there is a difference. I think sometimes we gloss over the distinction between pain and discomfort, so for today's video I'd like to encourage you to find your "edge"- that place where you know your body is really working, it's a little uncomfortable, but it is definitely NOT painful. Always come out of a pose if you ever feel pain. But before writing it off as pain, ask yourself if it's simply discomfort. 

A lot of us have tight hips from constantly sitting- at the dinner table, at the computer, on the couch, while driving- so the hips are good to focus on when you're trying to find your edge. Tight hips can contribute to back issues, so I hope this vid helps to loosen up the hips and also challenge you to make the distinction between discomfort and pain. 

Have a wonderful weekend! As always, if there's something you have a question about, or you'd like to see something specific in a yoga video, please get in touch or leave a comment below. xo