Yoga Tip: How to do Side Crow Pose

When making videos for this blog I always gravitated toward recording myself silently doing yoga and then in editing, going in and recording the instructions and now I know why. Speaking while doing the poses is hard! I forgot a couple things but after five takes I was spent, so I'll add the things I wanted to say below. Hope this helps!! 

side crow with hips on both triceps

side crow with hips on both triceps

There are a couple different ways to do side crow pose. The first is to balance on both of the triceps as shown above.

side crow pose

side crow pose

Another way is to balance on one tricep as shown above via my instagram.

This video is a how to on the second way. I prefer this way to the first because I think it challenges you to use the core and upper arm strength more. But that's just my humble opinion. :)

A couple things I wanted to mention:

-Spread your toes once you're up. This will tell the leg muscles they need to work rather than just hang out up there.

-Push into mostly the thumb and first fingers.

-Envision a pushing down motion from the armpits down, and a lifting motion in the rest of your body.


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