Las Vegas Recap

As you know, we were recently in Las Vegas las week for the main studio photoshoot for our upcoming book. We thought we'd do a full behind the scenes post to share how it all went down. Thanks so much for your continued support! The book should be out in the fall of 2016 and I'll keep you updated when there is a pre-order link available.

From Candace

When we were planning our trip to Vegas for our photoshoot, I knew I had to find a great hair and make-up team. We started creeping local make-up artists in Vegas, but I soon realized it was going to be a crap shoot and I didn't want to take the chance. Instead, I decided to bring my amazing make-up artist Jacqueline Shepherd from NYC. She did my wedding, and had the best energy. Not only is she ridiculously talented, but she has a heart of gold and immediately puts everyone at ease, makes them laugh, and is one of those people who, when they walk into a room, brightens it with their light. 

For hair, she suggested Whitney VanOsdol, a bomb hairstylist based in Chicago. (You can get in touch by emailing I didn't know Whitney prior, but she is as real as it gets. She made us laugh, and had upbeat, positive energy every time she was on set with us. She also gave me a killer blunt haircut with lots of layers on the very last day that I absolutely love.

The first day was our studio shoot. We came prepared with a huge shoot list and a rockin' old school playlist that we were all pumped about, photographer Glen Cordoza included! I'm talking old Busta Rhymes, Mace, and the like. Yasss. I also came with a million outfit choices, but when we saw the props we had shipped to the set, we realized that grey leggings from Kira Grace (this is the longer version) and my really old Lululemon tank which I bought for my DVD shoot which was...three years ago! We were there for around fifteen hours, I think - about twelve or so shooting. Lauren had the shoot list and called out each pose or movement as we went along. 

The next time we shot, we had a 4:30am call time for a lifestyle shoot in the desert. I was exhausted and my body was so sore, but I was excited to power on. Prior to this, I'd done a number of different lifestyle shoots for the book including all over LA, in the jungle in Costa Rica and on the beach in Miami. For those, I did my own make-up and hair and although the pictures came out good, I was excited to have some experts on hand to take this shoot to the next level. 

I channelled my inner Beyonce, haha, with a leotard from Forever 21, a giant necklace from Free People, and big earrings from Forever 21 (similar) as well. I was inspired by those old Guess ads for hair, and I wanted the make-up to be amped up a bit with dark eyes and contoured skin.

We decided on Red Rocks because it is absolutely gorgeous there, and as we were driving out, we couldn't believe the views. The sun was just coming up as we were arriving and the lighting was beautiful. Buuuut the second we stepped out of the car, the light went away and the clouds rolled in. So bummed! We gathered all our stuff and hiked out to our location. I was freezing, and had forewarned the girls that I have a very hard time holding it together when I am cold. Give me weather that suffocates and makes me sweat my face off and I am fine, but cold weather? I can't hang. I turn into a monster and get snippy and irritable beyond belief. 

About twenty minutes in, I started to feel pain in my toes. They were so cold they started to turn yellow and I started to feel the monster in me awakening haha. I stopped talking as much and wasn't in a joke-around mood like I had been driving in. I was so uncomfortably cold in the 38 degree weather that I just wanted to get the shoot over with as quickly as possible. It's also extremely hard to do yoga when your body is cold. And top it off with a sore body from the studio shoot and I was pretty miz, I'm not going to lie.

The girls said they didn't notice my irritability at all, and for that I am thankful because I certainly didn't want to be a grump but I was just fa-reezing and so uncomfortable. We did three looks in the desert and after three hours it was time to call it quits. I couldn't want to get in the car, blast the heat and take a quick nap before heading back to the studio to reshoot a few things we missed the last time.

Lauren and I dropped the girls off at their hotel and went back to our condo for a bite to eat. Lauren was wide awake so she stayed up to work but I took a much needed 30 minute nap. I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow and woke up one minute before my alarm (how does my body do that?! It's like it knows). Once I was up, I was good to go. 

We picked the girls up and headed over to the studio where we spent some time reshooting some poses and after about an hour or so there, we raced over to the strip before the sun went down to snag some final photos. 

We were all so happy and so proud when we realized we were finished! I am so grateful to everyone on my team who made this time unforgettable. Everyone was so upbeat, positive, detail oriented and came from a place of yes, which is, I'd have to say, my favorite trait in people. You know if someone comes from a "place of yes" because they are the crazy ones who believe anything is possible. They don't take no for an answer, they think outside the box, bring positivity into every situation and are self-starters. These are the people who inspire me with their hard work, determination, and a light so warm it feels like home when you're near them. So beyond grateful. Below is a little video I put together from the footage Lauren and I took. Hope you enjoy. Thank you so much for being a part of this journey.

From Lauren

I should start off by saying that this was my very first time visiting Las Vegas so it was a very exciting trip and most definitely one I’ll never forget. It was so much fun being behind-the-scenes helping to make a dream literally come true. I never would have imagined that 12 months into my time with YBC I’d be wrapping up a series of photoshoots for our very first book (!!!!) I mean, like a real, on the shelves - published and printed book! I still can’t even believe it myself sometimes! Even with our jam-packed schedule, Candace found the time to show me the must-see sights around the city. We explored the entire strip, shopped in the Fashion Show mall, saw the chandelier at The Cosmo, explored Caesar's palace - I mean, you get the idea :)

When it really comes down to it, you’re only as good as your team and I can’t say enough good things about the entire team we had behind us on this trip. We were surrounded by the best vibes and the most incredible uplifting energy. Aaaand let me tell you - when it’s 6am in the middle of the desert at a brisk 38 degrees, you’re going to NEED a strong, positive team to keep the (sometimes inappropriate) jokes flowing and the spirits high.

the dream team <3

the dream team <3

I also just want to take a moment to thank all of the generous small businesses and brands that collaborated with us on this. Without all of the props, accessories and wardrobe pieces this shoot wouldn’t have been the absolute success it was. I know I’ve already thanked each of you privately but each and every one of you deserves a public shout out as well. It really feels great to know that we’re able to support one another on such an exciting project.

yoga mat c/o  One By Sun . Desert shoot shot by  Charles Henry .

yoga mat c/o One By Sun. Desert shoot shot by Charles Henry.

One By Sun sent two beautiful printed yoga mats. The colors looked absolutely gorgeous against the desert backdrop. We even got daring one afternoon and did an impromptu shoot ourselves on the strip - this mat fit right in!

The Fox and The Mermaid sent over these gorgeous handmade round mandala blankets. The colors looked incredible on set!  

getting Candace all strapped in! Strap c/o  Handmade Yoga

getting Candace all strapped in! Strap c/o Handmade Yoga

Handmade Yoga sent over a fun tribal print yoga strap for our studio shoot and a meditation cushion that was perfect for our desert shoot.

Jade Yoga sent a few of their travel yoga mats and a set of cork blocks - all of which worked out great for our studio shoot.

PadaPath sent over a few of their hemp yoga towels that we brought along with us to our Los Angeles shoot. The raw look of the mat looked great against the cityscape.

Bhoga sent set of their unique infinity blocks - we got A LOT of use out of these guys during the studio shoot.

yoga/meditation blanket c/o  Halfmoon

yoga/meditation blanket c/o Halfmoon

The Lotus Root sent over a few lavender eye pillows for the meditation and prop sections of the book - now Candace can’t sleep or travel without one!

Halfmoon sent the most incredible cotton yoga/meditation blankets. The set included some beautiful pastel colors that looked great both in studio and in the desert during our lifestyle shoot. p.s - they were welcomed in the 37 degree weather!

Clever Yoga sent over this set of wash bags. At the end of each day we’d throw Candace’s delicate wardrobe in these bags during each wash cycle - keeping everything vibrant and consistent day to day.


Glen shooting a blanket c/o  The Fox and The Mermaid , cork blocks c/o  Jade Yoga

Glen shooting a blanket c/o The Fox and The Mermaid, cork blocks c/o Jade Yoga

setting up the props like a boss!

setting up the props like a boss!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, we wouldn’t have been able to put together such a successful shoot without all of your help and generosity - thank you from the bottom of our hearts!