3 Yoga Poses to Find Balance

In today's post, I wanted to share three yoga poses to help you find balance in your life. This post is brought to you by life’sDHA®, is a brand from a company that creates a high-quality vegetarian source of DHA omega-3 that helps to support brain and eye health throughout life. Their omega-3 is sourced from algae, making this an ideal supplement for all my vegetarian friends out there. While everyone benefits from quality omega-3 in their diet, women who are planning to become pregnant, those who are pregnant and moms of infants and young children – especially benefit because it's a key nutrient needed for growth and development throughout life’s stages (maternal health, infant health, children and adult health).

Since we're talking moms or moms-to-be, I thought we could hone in on yoga poses to help find balance in your life on and off the mat. I mean, everyone can benefit from some semblance of work/family/life balance, but especially moms, no?

 photo tree-pose_zpsnknsqcqz.jpg

The first pose is tree pose. This is one of those poses that is always reflective of what's going on in your life. If you're feeling particularly stressed out or distracted, the tree pose will often let you know via an inability to hold the pose for very long. That's often an indication that we need to chill out, and come back to our center. If you find the pose really challenging, try doing it off the mat. Sometimes a cushy mat can make it more challenging. 

 photo dancer_zpsn8ikx4mm.jpg

The next pose is dancer's pose. Not only does this balancing pose help us to hone in on a focal point, which is great for both on and off the mat, but it feels so wonderful because it is a full body stretch. When you're in it, you're opening up the chest, shoulders, armpit area, hip flexor and hamstring. 

 photo balancing-pose_zpsz63ndna1.jpg

The last pose is extended hand to big toe pose. This balancing posture is awesome because there are so many different variations. You could do the modified version with your hand on your knee, or you can do the full version shown here. You can look straight ahead if you want to keep things simple, or you can glance out over your shoulder for an added challenge. 


Above all, aim to stay healthy and happy, finding a balance in all you do. Take the yin and yang lessons of yoga and apply them to your life, and your health. And when it comes to health, remember the importance of life’sDHA®  omega-3, a healthy vegetarian source to support brain and eye health through all stages of life.

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