6 Minute Upper Body Workout for Strength and Qalo Functional Rings for the Gym

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A few weeks ago, QALO reached out to see if I would be interested in spreading the word about their newest product: their women's stackable rings. Now, I knew about their men's flat rings, as lots of guys at my gym wear them, but I hadn't seen their newest product yet. They come in five colors and four styles, which you can mix and match to your outfit, personality or mood. The rings are ideal for when you don't want to risk your metal band during daily activities like working out or playing with the kids. They allow you to show your commitment to your loved one without having to worry about damaging your ring or your finger. I was always curious about them, so I agreed to put them to the test.


Today I've created a yoga strength sequence using weights. I wanted to incorporate the use of dumbbells because in the past, I've scratched and nicked my own rings, and I wondered if these QALO rings would hold up. With this exercise, we'll work on core strength and stability while holding the plank position, and we'll also look to build upper body strength which will be helpful in movements like chaturanga, downward facing dog, dolphin pose, inversions, and so much more. So here's what we'll do:



1. Begin in a plank position, with your hands around the dumbbells. Choose a weight that is just light enough that you can easily pick it up, but heavy enough so that after a few repetitions you start to feel the burn. I chose ten-pound weights. To begin, we'll hold in the plank position for 30 seconds.

2. For this exercise, we're looking to build strength through the upper back with rows. Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, lift your right arm while holding the dumbbell. Hold at the top for thirty seconds while you breathe fully, squeezing your upper back, before lowering down on an exhale. Remember to stabilize throughout your core as you do this movement.  

3. Repeat on the left side. Remember, stability through your core and stay tight through your midline. Then, inhale to prepare. Exhale and lift your left arm while holding the dumbbell. Hold at the top for thirty seconds while you breathe fully, remembering to squeeze your upper back, before lowering down on an exhale. 

4. Come back into your original plank and hold for thirty seconds as you breathe fully. 

Then repeat the whole thing two times through - rest as necessary. 


The verdict on QALO?


With regular metal rings, the metal to metal nicks and scratches my bands, but while wearing QALO, there is no metal to metal clanking, no pinching of my skin as I move the weight around, and I didn't even feel the bands on my fingers. 


I'm also a big fan of the different styles - I feel like you could easily wear them not only at the gym, but really any time of day, no matter where you go.


I'd love to hear your thoughts - would the stackable rings fit into your life? What styles or colors do you like best? Tell me in the comments for a chance to win a prize package from QALO!

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