Panama Recap: Everything I Ate While in Panama

I'm back from Panama and ready to share lots of content from my trip so I'm declaring this week Panama Week over here on YBC®, with the addition of our weekly outfit post on Friday. Today we're looking at everything I ate while in Panama. 

As you guys know, I've done a lot of gut healing over the last few years, so traveling and having to eat food I'm not used to doesn't affect me like it used to. I'll still feel a little uneasy if it's something I really don't eat often (like deep fried plantains), but for the most part, I'm grateful to be able to travel and feel pretty good regardless of what I eat. It did of course help that El Otro Lado Retreat, where I stayed, served pretty clean meals. I really appreciated that they were so well balanced in terms of macros, as well. If a salad had a lot of fat in it with, say, goat cheese, the entree would have very little fat and then it all sort of balanced out. While I don't track macros while abroad (it's just too time consuming and annoying to try to do), I appreciated the balance in the meals, knowing that it was relatively close to what my body was used to. 

I hope these meals help to serve as inspiration if you're in a food rut! I feel like they'd be relatively easy to recreate.

Day 1: 

I arrived around 10am after traveling for about twelve hours when you factor in the flight, waiting around for the rental car, the drive and the boat ride over. Whew. What a day. I started with lunch which began with a fresh salad, followed by curried chicken, rice and fried plantains. Dessert was a passion fruit flan. Passion fruit is freaking delicious, and if you haven't had it, you MUST.

Dinner began with a potato leek soup in what tasted like a clam broth. The main course was a tuna steak, salad and potatoes, followed by maple flan dessert.

Day 2

I must've been really hungry because I didn't snap a pic of my eggs and granola at breakfast, but I get manage to get a pic of this passion fruit juice, which is honestly the best thing I've ever had and currently all I'm ever thinking about. 

Lunch started with fresh shrimp, followed by a main course of rice, yucca, tomatoes, and beef. Dessert was fresh fruit. 

Dinner began with a fresh salad, followed by pineapple sweet and sour fish with plantains, and ended with the best dessert of what was called ChocoFlan - it was a hot chocolate center with a scoop of ice cream on top. Ugh, I could've eaten twelve of those!  

Day 3

Breakfast began with scrambled eggs with veggies and bacon, and granola with plain yogurt. And coffee, not pictured.

Lunch was cabbage salad followed by chicken and vegetables and a parfait.

Dinner was a warm goat cheese salad, lobster and a trifle. 

Day 4: 

Breakfast - same as yesterday - eggs with veggies and bacon, coffee, and yogurt and granola.

Lunch: Chicken soup appetizer, then entree of rice, curried crab, and a salad, followed by passion fruit parfait.

Dinner: Pumpkin soup to start, followed by lobster, potatoes and a salad. Dessert was a brownie with a scoop of ice cream. And I also had some of this margarita. #lightweight

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