Workout Wednesday: Stretch Video and Core Workout Video with Sliders

We're continuing our Panama Week here on the blog today featuring not one but two videos we shot while at El Otro Lado Retreat in Portobelo, Panama last week. The first video is a stretching video that is ideal for pre-workout or pre-run - just a little something to awaken your body.

The second video is a core strengthening workout video that incorporates sliders. These are the sliders I used, which I purchased a few months ago and really like. They're a great, lightweight piece of equipment for when you're traveling, and they really add a little something different to workouts! I like them because one side is hard, which is ideal for carpeted areas, if you're working out at home, and the other side is padded which is perfect for hardwood floors. If you don't have sliders, though, get creative and use something you already have at home. Paper plates work well on carpeted surfaces, and washcloths will work well in a pinch on hardwood floors. I was super sore the day after filming this so if you're working on core strength, this is a good video to do. Let me know how it goes for you down in the comments section below.