YBC® Book Recommendations and Our Next Book Exchange

Back in February, I was thrilled to announce that we were putting together our very first YBC® Book Exchange. The idea was to pair up YBCers with someone else in their state (in the hopes that they might become real-life friends and have a buddy to attend a YBC® workshop with in the future), and they'd send each other either a new book or one from their personal collection. Together, we'd celebrate new friendships and our love of reading. It was such a great experience, that I asked a few in the group if they'd be into sharing the books they received so that anyone out there who might need a good read can add these to their list...and hopefully partake in this go around of the YBC® Book Exchange! 

Here's how it works: You'll need to be living in the USA. Apologies to our international YBCers, but we're still working on perfecting our pairing system, and hopefully once we get it down we can open it up for you guys. If you are in the US, you may fill out the form below. Please note that last time, some people forgot vital parts of their address (zip code, full name, etc). Because our team has so much on our plate, we're unable to reach out for corrections, so please make sure you have all your info correctly entered before submitting your form or we might not be able to pair you up. We will close registration for this go around on April 15th and pair you up shortly thereafter with a YBCer in your state. We'll email the two of you together, and you'll be responsible for sending your Book Buddy a book (either new or from your personal collection) by April 30th, and emailing the tracking info. Feel free to personalize the book or send a little card to let your buddy know why you chose that book for them. Once you receive your book, feel free to tag me and use hashtag #YBCbookexchange so I can see! Can't wait to see how it goes! Happy reading! 

Note that if you forget a vital piece of your address, we will not be able to reach out for corrections. Please double check that you have entered all the necessary mailing info before submitting.

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Book: The Noticer

This has been such a great experience! I got a great book but, even better, I made a wonderful new friend! - Karen


Book: Everything We Keep

I loved the YBC Book Exchange.  It was such a fun way to bring other YBCers together through our love of reading. - Amy A.


Book: The Girl Who Wrote in Silk

My book buddy nailed it, she got me a perfect book at just the right time. - Angela G.

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Book: The Woman in Cabin 10

The book exchange was awesome — received a book I've heard about but hadn't had an opportunity to read and I'm excited to crack it open soon! - Lacy


Book: The Husband's Secret

I had so much fun doing this. My book exchange partner and I have connected on Instagram and I really enjoyed the challenge of selecting a book for them. And I loved getting my book from them with this message! -Kayla


Book: Moloka'i

I loved this idea and because of it was able to e-meet someone in my area and have had a great time emailing back and forth with my bool exchange buddy JoAnn! On top of that, she was dead on with her book selection and I am loving it so far! Can’t wait for the next one! - Sara


Book: The Radium Girls

I loved this and it’s my first exchange! I’m super excited to start this book. I really enjoyed how you paired us as well. I’m pretty new to the area and now talking with my “book buddy” learning some new places to check out and making plans to meet up. Yay for new books and new friendships! - Meghan 


Book: Euphoria

I am thrilled with my book that my book exchange partner sent me! I would not have chosen it for myself but upon closer examination (reading the back flap), I discovered that it has every element I included in my description of my preferences and likes. Great job all. - Karen


Book: The Last Runaway

So far this experience has been awesome. I am looking forward to growing friendships and meeting more new people. The book I received is spot on for the kind of books I enjoy reading.  - Tiffany


Book: A Discovery of Witches

The YBC® book exchange was so much fun!  It was nice getting to meet another book lover and yoga enthusiast.  This book is not something that I would’ve picked out for myself, but I’m really enjoying it!!  Can’t wait for the next book exchange.  - Michelle


Book: Through A Glass Darkly

I was so happy that someone I never met before saw a book and thought of me. - Kim


Book: Hidden Figures

I think the book exchange is a wonderful idea. It’s fun to get to know someone new in this community while enjoying new books. - Jessie