2018 Spring Mantra Box Unveiling

PSA: I'll be in Boston on June 21 for International Yoga Day leading a bunch of classes throughout the day and I'd love for you to join me! 

It's that time of year again! Time for a little unboxing to show you what we put into this quarter's Mantra Box®. In case you're new around here, Mantra Box® is our quarterly discovery box service that aims to support small business in the health industry. We fill the box with goodies from small businesses you've likely not heard of, and they arrive on your doorstep a total surprise. You can choose from our standard box, or if you follow a special diet like Paleo or Vegetarian, we can accommodate you! We ship worldwide, and they always sell out, so be sure to pre-order your summer Mantra Box® now

SHINE-spring box.JPG

Company: SHINE

Founder: Cortney Martinelli

Why the company was started: The concept of SHINE is to collaborate with other souls; bring their passion to life and encourage and empower them to share it with others - SHINE! Our flagship product – our wildly popular face scrub – was developed in 2015 after Cortney, SHINE’s creator, attended a 3-day seminar titled, Lifestyle is the New Medicine. During that seminar she learned of the devastating statistics that a life-time of chemical exposure through everyday products has caused Americans, in particular. After that life-changing day, she decided to start living a toxic free lifestyle (or as close to it as she could). Cortney, a life-long sufferer of acne and oily skin, was determined to find something that worked and that was free of chemicals. She found it very hard to find a truly toxic-free skin care product. When, she couldn’t find anything, she decided to make her own. One of her driving forces, other than toxic free, was creating a SIMPLE product; simple in its ingredients and simple to use. And that is when SHINE face scrub was born. Cortney individually creates each scrub by hand; believing that each magical jar, already has a rightful owner. The special ingredient: LOVE

What the company does to give back: The company was founded on this beautiful quote by Rumi, "Be a lamp, a lifeboat, a ladder. Help someone's soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.” We hope that this is evident in not only our charitable collaborations with our local community, but in all of our interactions. Our products are imbued with this sentiment and our vision is that you feel this when you use our products; our goal is always to empower and inspire.

Product included in box: 2 oz SHINE face scrub mini

Retail value: $15

Coupon Code: BOX5 for $5 off your order


Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins

Company: Vital Proteins

Founder: Kurt Seidensticker

Why the company was started: To help people live a full and vibrant life.

What the company does to give back: We are partnered with The Primo Center here in Chicago that helps underprivileged families with housing and other essential needs.

Product included in box: Marine Collagen Stick Packs

Retail value: $3

Instagram: @vitalproteins

HELLA GOOD organic vegan skincare

HELLA GOOD organic vegan skincare

Company: HELLA GOOD organic vegan skincare

Founder: Hella Weichardt

Why the company was started: About 15 years ago I was unable to find effective organic vegan skincare for my needs. Back then, I decided to formulate and to produce everything I was looking for. Skincare formulated with as little ingredients as possible. But with as many ingredients as necessary to create awesome products to deliver incredible results. Friends couldn’t get enough of everything I made. That’s when I decided to open up a small store and sell my creations.

What the company does to give back: I happily support local organizations against domestic violence and no kill animal shelters.

Product included in box: Organic, vegan French Lavender Deodorant (GMO and Aluminum free) - full size

Retail value: $9.99

Coupon Code: YOGA15 for 15% off

Instagram: @hella_good_skin

Gladiator Soap

Gladiator Soap

Company: Gladiator Soap

Founder: Nicole Olivieri

Why the company was started: IN MARCH OF 2014 our small family of three packed up our home, sold our vehicles and moved to a small apartment in Rome, Italy. As we adjusted to our surroundings, the climate and the very hard water, a problem quickly developed. Our current skincare routine was no longer sufficient. Each one of us developed dry, itchy, cracked skin. Understanding that our skin is the first line of defense against harmful bacteria, viruses, and infections, taking care of my family's skin is a top priority. We needed a change and fast! Having dry cracked skin is an open invitation to a plethora of potentially painful and harmful skin problems. I wanted a way to protect my family naturally without the use of harmful chemicals, so I researched and developed Gladiator Soap! Gladiator soap is naturally cleansing, protecting and nourishing. I use only premium ingredients that are organic, environmentally sustainable, vegan, and ethically sourced. In doing so I have created a superior soap perfect for everyone from the intense athlete to very young children.

What the company does to give back: We consciously source our ingredients to support businesses that provide sustainable products which are ethically sourced. When possible we do our best to support small businesses in the USA. In particular we source our organic olive oil from a small business right here in Rochester, Michigan. We have been active sponsors to several Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes, including two high level competing black belts. This helps to promote healthy lifestyles and our powerful natural skin care products in the athletic arena. We proudly represent badge number 1925 of The American Mule accreditation. We are a validated hardworking American company. This lets our consumers and community know they can believe in and trust that Gladiator Soap will bring them the very best!

Product included in box: Bamboo Charcoal Soap 2 oz

Retail value: Sample Size 2 oz~ $4.50 Full Size 5 oz $11

Coupon Code: GLADIATOR20 for 20% off

Instagram: @gladiator_soap

Masaya Brand

Masaya Brand

Company: Masaya Brand

Founder: Conrad Alberto

Why the company was started: A good friend of mine introduced me to yoga a few years ago and I just got hooked. As an entrepreneur I wanted to find an outlet for everyday stress that concentrated on not only physical but also mental health. Masaya means happy in tagalog (Filipino) and I truly believe myself and others deserve that. I wanted to offer products that had more of an 'edgier and hip' aesthetic rather than it being 'too yogi.' I believe Masaya is accomplishing that as we grow.

What the company does to give back: I have been working with my friend Cidney from Hawt Yoga in Southern California by donating product to his students and sponsoring any local events associated with his studio.

Product included in box: Namaste yoga straps

Retail value: $14.99

Coupon Code: YOGA15 for 15% off

Instagram: @masayabrand

Zesty Naturals, LLC

Zesty Naturals, LLC

Company: Zesty Naturals, LLC

Founder: Madhan Machendran (Maddy)

Why the company was started: My trip to the Indian district of Wayanad in Kerala, India and experiencing this bounty of fresh, organic spices gave us an idea: why not bring these spices to the United States? Importing spices from Wayanad would help the local economy and finally bring organic spices that is both delicious and affordable to our healthy-and eco-conscious consumers around the US. And so The Spice Monger was born.

What the company does to give back: All our spices are sourced from a Non Profit Organization that supports organic farming by small scale farmers and also they are fair trade certified, so the farmers get fair price for their produce.

Product included in box: Organic Turmeric Powder

Retail value: $7.99

Coupon Code: YOGA15 for 15% off

Instagram: @spicemonger

Vedic Botanicals

Vedic Botanicals

Company: Vedic Botanicals

Founder: Rachel Warnock

Why the company was started: Rachel was initially working as an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant and started making products to treat her clients' specific ailments. Eventually, more and more people wanted her products, and Vedic Botanicals was born. While she still works as a personal consultant, Vedic Botanicals has expanded and her products are now sought out nation-wide.

What the company does to give back: Vedic Botanicals has a strong sense of sustainability and makes a point of making eco-friendly choices, including producing all of our products in a solar-powered facility, and by composting our non-recyclables. We also make a point of investing in our workforce by making their employment experience as educational as possible- teaching them how to think proactively and take charge, not simply go through the motions. The idea being that no longer how long they work with us, and no matter where they go afterwards, they will be more empowered and capable leaders in their communities and workplaces.

Product included in box: Skin Cream Healing Blend

Retail value: $14.97

Coupon Code: VedicVegan

Instagram: @VedicBotanicals



Company: U-Konserve

Founder: Chance Claxton & Lynn Julian

Why the company was started: To offer solutions to reduce the staggering amount of trash that ends up in our landfills and oceans because of single-use food and beverage packaging.

What the company does to give back: Through 1% for the Planet and several non-profits, we have committed to donate a portion of our sales to environmental organizations that share our mission.

Product included in box: Stainless Steel Straw + Brush Set

Retail value: $5.95

Coupon Code: YOGA15 for 15% off

Instagram: @kidskonserve

Skinny & Co

Skinny & Co

Company: Skinny & Co

Founder: Luke Geddie

Why the company was started: Founder Luke Geddie was raised by a mother dedicated to healthy living. After his younger Brother's illness and his family's journey to wellness, a chemical free lifestyle became ingrained into Luke's Life. In 2013, Skinny began advancing a chemical-free movement, providing the only coconut oil on the market that is wild harvested, hand pressed, small batched, never heated, 100% raw, 100% virgin and 100% without chemicals and solvents. You can actually smell, feel, taste and see the difference.

Product included in box: 2 oz Rejuvenating Cleansing Balm and how to use card.

Retail value: $25.00

Coupon Code: MANTRA20 for 20% off

Instagram: @skinnycoconutoil



Company: FlavaNaturals

Founder: Alan Frost

Why the company was started: It all started when my wife and fellow chocoholic, Shari, came into the living room, tossed the NY Times on my lap, and told me we should eat more dark chocolate! The article entitled, "To Improve a Memory, Consider Chocolate" described a study at Columbia University demonstrating the profound impact of cocoa flavanol antioxidants on cognition. Upon further research, we found there are also several well-controlled studies demonstrating benefits on mood, cardiovascular health, skin wellness and exercise performance. But there was a catch - the cocoa flavanol levels consumed in these studies would require you to eat 5 to 10 typical dark chocolate bars a day! Hence the quest to develop to develop all-natural, premium (and tasty!) dark chocolate with the amount of cocoa flavanol antioxidants proven to enhance health, performance, and well-being.

What the company does to give back: We are a brand new company but are passionate about building communities both near and far, from local schools and charities to farms that grow our premium, high antioxidant cocoa beans in South America. Locally, we have supported dozens of schools and charities with FlavaNaturals sampler packages for auctions, raising nearly $2,000 to date. In South America we only partner with farms that pay and manage their employees fairly.

Product included in box: Roasted Almond + Himalayan Pink Salt FlavaBars: Premium, all-natural chocolate bars with 500mg of cocoa flavanol antioxidants, 5X the flavanol super-nutrients of typical dark chocolate!

Retail value: $5.99

Coupon Code: YOGA20 for 20% off

Instagram: @flavanaturals


Company: Vertellis

Founder: Bart, Liz and Lars

Why the company was started: To connect with those physically close to us in a meaningful way. 

Product included in box: Vertellis Relationship Edition

Retail value: $19.99

Coupon Code:  YOGA15 for 15% off

Instagram: @vertellis_