Motivation Monday: A Podcast on Manifestation Under Pressure and Some Interesting Things from the Web


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Motivation Monday is a weekly series on YBC® where we'll unveil that week's podcast episode of Namaslay with YogaByCandace®, a few inspirational uplifting or interesting bits from around the web, and new books, finds and other goodies our team is loving.

We're finally through our first week of Namaslay® YTT, and I'm just so happy with how everything is going. Be sure to follow along on the adventure on Instagram. Today I’m excited to share Season 4, Episode 3 of the Namaslay® podcast where I talk about how Namaslay® Studios came to life in the span of about three or four days. If you’re someone who is looking for tips on how to work under major time constraints, or a new entrepreneur just opening up their first business, or just interested in the behind the scenes things at YBC®, this podcast is for you. This podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and pretty much anywhere you listen to podcasts. Or, you can also listen here. And if you have a second, would you mind taking this survey? We just want to get some demographics about who's listening to the podcast. Thanks!

On my radar this week:

I just finished this book, and this book - both were good quick reads.

The camo jacket of my dreams is on sale.

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