Week in the Life: Los Angeles Blog'n'Vlog

At the end of March, I spent a week in Los Angeles and Lauren and I thought it might be interesting to document what a week in the life looks like as a blogger, so we shot a bunch of footage on my new vlogging camera, and put this video together. 


  • Days 1 - 3: We can't share what the project is yet, but it'll be revealed in a few weeks.
  • Day 4
    • The Hike: My friend Sean runs a dog walking company, so we met up in Malibu to hike. That's when we saw the rattlesnake! 
    • The Massage: The Now generously offered me a massage, which I took them up on. Their place is so cool! It's in a large space, with each massage room partitioned off by canvas. While you're in a small space, it doesn't feel like it thanks to the airy, high ceilings. 
  • Day 5
    • The Facial and Chakra Cleansing: Skin Worship generously offered a facial and chakra cleansing, which I was excited to try because I've heard incredible things about Skin Worship. The facial was amazing. Ask for Emma and she'll take very good care of you. I loved that she customized the facial to what my skin needed and included diamond dermabrasion which exfoliates and suctions dead skin cells, smooths rough texture, helps even skin tone from hyperpigmentation and stimulates the tissue's collagen. She also included an enzyme peel, microneedling and gua sha treatment, which you can see in the video. Emma was also so informative and happy to help educate me and answer any question I had. After the facial, I had a chakra cleansing appointment which involved focusing on various chakras as my energy healer worked her magic. She incorporated the use of a sound bowl, and I felt like the best version of myself when I left. My skin looked and felt vibrant and glowing. Shout out to their intern, who helped shoot footage for the vlog.