Yoga Tip: Crow Pose

Kakasana, also known as Crow Pose, is a great arm balancing posture. It's fun to play around with it whether you're a beginner or a more experienced yogi. Give it a go and let me know how you find it!

How to do it: Start by squatting with your feet about mat width apart. Inhale and plant your hands firmly into the mat shoulder distance apart. Look about 8 inches in front of you. Find your drishti (focal point) and don't look anywhere else. Push into the fingertips and the roots of the fingers. Bring your knees to touch a couple inches above your elbows and slowly come up onto your tiptoes. Exhale and lean forward, resting your knees and the tops of your shins on your triceps and gently lift your toes off the ground. 

Benefits: Strengthens the shoulders, arms and wrists. Improves balance. Works the forearm muscles. Great for people with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tips: When starting out, put a pillow under your face. My yoga instructor broke her nose when she fell out of this pose!! Also, be really diligent about pushing into the fingertips and roots of the fingers. Stay mindful not to collapse your weight into the outer edges of the palms- that could injure your wrists.