Yoga Tip: Handstand

Even as a little girl in gymnastics class ardho mukha vkrsasana (aka handstand) was never something that came to me with ease. These days, with stiff wrists now and then, it still is a challenge. The other day, though, my wrists were feeling good and I was up for working on my handstand. I made good use of the giant palm tree in the park and went to it. If you're short on palm trees, a wall will do.

How to do it

Step 1: Position your hands as close to the wall/tree as you can and find a drishti (focal point) between your hands.

Step 2: Begin to kick up. You don't have to get it on the first try, just begin kicking so you can get comfortable supporting yourself on your hands.

Step 3: When you're ready, kick all the way up, placing one foot on the trunk and then the other.

Step 4: Balance here, stabilize yourself. Tighten the stomach, look down between your hands at your drishti. One foot at a time, push off from the tree until you're balancing on your hands. Breathe, balance, thrive.


-Make sure you have a drishti (focal point) between your hands before you even kick up. Relax the face, and concentrate on this one focal point.


-Helps stress and depression. Strengthens shoulders, arms and wrists. Improves balance.