In the Land of Invisible Women

After British-born doctor Qanta Ahmed is denied a visa to stay in the states, she accepts an exciting position at a Saudi hospital. A Muslim woman, she is both excited and intimidated by the Saudi culture she doesn't fully understand, and when she arrives in The Kingdom she realizes women in particular have a very specific (and sometimes confusing) role in society. In the Land of Invisible Women is Dr. Ahmed's journey into Saudi Arabia, an exotic land both modern and medieval ruled by faith and tradition.

I wanted to really love this book, but it simply wasn't cohesive to me. It started out with her flight over to Saudi Arabia and I figured it would continue as a story about her experience trying to get acclimated and understand her new environment. Instead, each chapter was a vignette about a different aspect of the Muslim faith, Saudi culture, or her experience with love/friendship while abroad. The content was interesting but it fell short for me because the book as a whole just didn't read well. 

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