Dressing for Yoga

I'm often asked where I buy my yoga clothing so I thought I'd put together a post about my favorite yoga clothing. For practicing, I prefer breathable yet formfitting clothing because I feel that the loose fabric in baggy tshirts or bell bottoms get in the way- but that's just personal preference. My favorite yoga tops are the cheap tanks from Forever21. They're less than $3, are long enough not to ride up, retain their shape and surprisingly, last for a while. For sports bras, I really like this one by Gap. It fits well, offers support, and can withstand wash after wash after wash. My favorite pants and shorts are from Lululemon but the ones above come a close second. Leg warmers are a must during cold weather months, as is a lightweight long sleeve shirt. 

In my opinion, what you choose to wear to class doesn't matter as long as you're comfortable. I thought most yoga teachers felt the same way, but yesterday my mom told me how she was recently admonished for wearing a simple tank top to class because "yoga is reverent and showing your shoulders isn't respectful". Whaaaaat? Feel free to walk out of any studio that a) humiliates you in front of the class and b) is concerned about what you wear. Life is too short for that shiz.

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