Gentle Yoga Playlist

Pin it! Gentle instrumental playlist for yoga

Pin it! Gentle instrumental playlist for yoga

*Above, wearing: Glyder pants c/o Free People, alternative tank, glyder bra (new favorite!)

I thought I'd share this recent playlist I made because I get lost in it every time it's on. Calling by Trifonic is my favorite, closely followed by Fly. It's a perfect playlist for a yoga practice or just some soothing background music for a bath or something. It's instrumental, which is my favorite type of music for teaching yoga because then I don't get distracted by the lyrics and I can just focus on the students and the sequence.

If you want more music, you can check out my previous playlists here, and if you're on Spotify, I  finally got an account! My username is yogabycandace and I wish I could figure out how to share the link with you! (Someone let me know if you find me on there. It seems pretty hard to find people to follow, right? Am I just crazy or is it not that user friendly?)

Anyway, if you're an iTunes person, you can buy the songs here: 

1. calling

2. fly

3. walk

4. jai sita ram

5. nectar drop

6. baleen morning

7. epicycles

8. corisca

9. i

10. daydream